The Tunnels of Love

As the name suggests there is more than one tunnel at this site. It starts in 8m of water with a series of long swimthroughs which meander through the wall. We often use these swimthroughs as part of our Peak Performance Buoyancy course. Swim down, following the wall to a rocky bottom at 26m and continue along to the point. Ascend and look for a crack at 8m which leads you to the other tunnels cut into the side of the rock. They are open along one side so you have no worries about it being dark. In the back there is an air pocket which you can surface in before descending to finish the dive in about 6 to 10m.

Access: Boat
Max Depth: 28m
Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE, suitable for experienced divers
Look out for: Nudibranchs, Moray and Barracuda