The Pinnacle (Cala Murta)

A large outcrop of rock sits alone in the water at the head of Cala Murta. In the water, follow the bottom to about 14m and swim over rocks and boulders looking for octopus and cuttlefish. The wall has remains of fishing nets on it and is home to large shoals of bream and rabbitfish. Round the wall and up a shallow gully you come to what makes this one of our most popular dive sites – a rock arch which forms a beautiful natural swim-through to about 6m. This is also a great dive for spotting Barracuda.

Access: Boat
Max Depth: 25m
Difficulty Rating: EASY, suitable for all divers
Look out for: Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Bream, Rabbitfish and Barracuda