The ‘A’ Cave

A large cave with an entrance shaped like the letter A. This is a dive for cavern enthusiasts. Swim along the wide cave and then up a shaft into an air bell at the back. Then out and explore along the walls outside round to an 8m ledge where there is a small and inaccessible cavern opening, worth a shine of your torch to see if anything is lurking within.The ‘A’ Cave is located in between Jeronimo, The Hammer Cave, and The ‘S’ cave. Since this site is located in deeper waters, it is rated only for the very most experienced diver. For the really adventurous diver it is possible to dive the four caverns in a row. Jeronimo, the Hammer Cave, the ‘A’ Cave and the ‘S’ Cave. Be sure to watch your dive profiles.

Access: Boat
Max Depth: 32m
Difficulty Rating: ADVANCED to EXPERT, experienced divers only
Look out for: Meagres, Scorpionfish and Moray Eels