Cove de Jeroni (Jeronimo)

One of our favourite, and most spectacular sites. We anchor at the bottom of a large cliff which descends vertically into the water to a depth of 18 – 23 m. Following the cliff along, the entrance to the cave becomes clear and a safety stop is made inside before surfacing. Inside the vast cavern, you will find yourself floating in the enchanted, transparent, silent waters of a huge inner lake. The iridescent blue light from outside illuminates stalactites on the vaulted ceiling of a natural cathedral and the pressure caused by the waves creates a magical mist atmosphere. On descending, swim through a small tunnel inside the cave before exiting along the wall. Some have done this under snorkle but you have to have really good lungs.

Access: Boat
Max Depth: 30m
Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE, suitable for experienced divers
Look out for: Meagres, Scorpionfish and Moray Eel